Like that

I got recruited for a Skype interview with a rad up and coming travel blog. An unexpected surprise being that I write a blog post every three months. I used to have blogger game and I guess my name washed up in the distant archives of some "best blogger" lists. Cue the first time in my twenty-year-old life that I've felt outdated. 

Tonight, on vacation at my family house on Lake Michigan, I took my computer down by the pool and took my Skype interview. This is a legit, no bullshit company and the opportunity to work with them ain't no joke. I got hit with questions like, "about how many readers do you have per blog post?" Cheers to my glory days when that answer would have been an upward of 2,000. "Um about 150-200," he excused himself while he took notes that I'm sure read something like, "where did we get this recommendation?" and then politely told me that we'd be in touch later this week. The best part was when the sprinklers by the pool turned on and I had to run for my car -- during the interview. High five, El. 

He told me that they'd read my most recent blog post and that they were looking for raw, tell-it-like-it-is storytellers to write like that about their experiences around the world. He told me that he'd love to see me find a platform where I break out of my shell and write like that again. Now I realize that my most recent blog post is on gun control, a hot, political topic that is split very 50/50, but I'm not talking about the content, I'm talking about the voice. I have a voice that tells it like it is. I used to share my story, in all of its grit and mess, all of the time in the hopes of inspiring someone else to live their life candidly and to use their own voice. 

That's who I am. When did I stop writing like that on a regular basis? The truth is that I've become so hyperaware of what certain people think about the work I do and the life I live that it's hard to come out and write publicly from my heart when I'm so focused on writing pieces that don't offend anyone. Shame on me for behaving exactly how I pray my children never do. 

The reality is that people are always going to be offended by everything you do, especially if its different, and if you're always afraid of walking in the lines you're never going to become the person that represents your heart. So, I'm going to spend the next couple months publishing all of the drafts in my blog queue. Maybe I'll earn a new set of glory days or maybe I'll just have a collection of posts for my babies to read  back on in a decade. Either way this is my informal/formal announcement that I've got a lot of writing coming your way. 

Go out and write like that. Tell your beautiful, messy, unabridged story (or don't) and do your life exactly how you want to. Happy Tuesday, friends.