Uganda -- Village Outreach

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In three days I travel to Uganda, Africa for my second working experience on African soil. This time I have been gifted the opportunity to work alongside my beautiful friend, Hannah Hems, the administrator with an organization called Hope for Women in Crisis. The organization is designed to prepare expectant mothers for successful motherhood in a nation where orphaning your child for so many issues beyond westernized comprehension is incredibly common. 

There are so many duties, both pre and post delivery to aide the expectant mothers that are seen and cared for through Hope for Women in Crisis so Hannah has called upon the help of others willing to serve with her. (Raises hand) 

As Hannah and I corresponded about my trip to Uganda I expressed my overwhelming desire to spread education and support within not only the organization that she oversees but also the surrounding community. 

When Hannah suggested a Village Outreach three Day Conference I was overjoyed. If you know me you know that I love togetherness for the purpose of education and this conference would be an opportunity to educate expectant mothers on parenting rather than leaving them to feel the overwhelming need to orphan or abort their child.

Be still my heart. 

A Village outreach conference is an opportunity for Hannah and I to open up our hearts to women throughout the surrounding village communities. Hope for Women in Crisis can only sustain so many expectant mothers but a village outreach conference is an opportunity to education and aide women who may not otherwise have the opportunity. 

The village outreach conference will serve as a pop up prenatal clinic, an education-based curriculum for women directly addressing sex and pregnancy, skills training to provide women with skills to work, and three days of meals for all attendees. 

It is a dream of mine to educate women worldwide about sex, pregnancy and HIV as these are such massive conversations that are neglected in these third world areas. Moreover, I would love to host an event that is used as a platform for women to come and feel loved and cared for by a community of people who want to see them thrive. 

I am humbly asking for donations for the three day conference to become a reality during my short month in Uganda. You can donate here and the proceeds will be used to fund the conference. 

I want to be incredibly transparent about the overwhelming need for financial support during my trip to Uganda because while I have come to serve there is only so much that can be done without help and support from my community.

Please follow the link to consider a small donation here.

Photos from June-August 2015 Zimbabwe, Africa trip.